Monday, 31 January 2011

Ashes to Ashes

Fantasy Bob understands that there are red faces among the top echelons of the East of Scotland Cricket Association following the announcement this week of league fixtures for the coming season.  It has led to signficant developments that have rocked the cricket world.

We must go on meeting like this
It was announced soon after the ESCA announcement that, as a result of the unprecedented press of fixtures, England and Australia will play each other in 10 consecutive Tests across two series home and away in 2013-14, and that could be followed by a further five-match series in 2015. 

An ESCA spokesperson said 'We had no choice but to extend Division 7 and 8 fixtures to accommodate all the teams in the league but it seems that an unintended consequence is that the dates of the next Ashes series Down Under have had to be brought forward by a year.'

A host of other major events over this period have added to event congestion - including the Rugby World Cup, the UEFA championship and the World Synchronised Knitting Tournament all scheduled in 2015.
But these were relatively minor considerations to the power brokers of the ESCA.  The spokesperson clarified the issue,  'This was the only option which would ensure the Carlton 4 vs Fauldhouse 2 fixture would proceed.' 

Fantasy Bob understands that there is no truth in the suggestion that members of England's Future Tours Programme Committee were seen closely reading Aesop's tale of the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs.

Chair of the Future Tours Programme

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