Saturday, 29 January 2011

FB's letter to the Philistines

Arthur's Seat
Fantasy Bob is reeling.  His readers, all 3 of them, are likely to agree that FB can hardly be called a Philistine.  Indeed an appreciation of the true place of art and culture in the world of cricket might be regarded as one of FB's more annoying characteristics. 

However his enthusiasm for culture took a bit of a knock this week when he read of a decision to award a king's ransom to a troup of 'site specific artists' whose 'work' (and FB uses the term advisedly) to consist of strapping neon lights to people's so they can run around Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat in the dark. 

Exactly why this is described as art is beyond FB's limited understanding of these concepts.  The fact that these lights may also be in the line of sight of a batsman or fielders at Carlton's Grange Loan HQ should there be late finishes in evening games does not appear to have been taken into consideration by these artists or their funders.  This is wholly shameful.

£750,000 have been allocated.  Now that could buy a lot of bamboo for a panda.  More significantly it could buy a whole lot of cricket coaching for kids - or any other sports coaching for that matter.  This is meant to be part of the Olympic celebrations for 2012.  FB wonders exactly how running about in the dark will contribute to the sporting legacy of the Olympics. 

No doubt this is how St Paul felt when he got in the mood for an Epistle.  Like him, Fantasy Bob is therefore writing to the Philistines seeking immediate membership.

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