Sunday, 3 October 2010

what's in a name?

Fantasy Bob is encouraged that these witterings seem to be being read by a small number of readers without  any obvious affinity to Carlton CC.  Page views have been recorded in number of places including in Hungary and the USA.  Although greatly enjoyable books such as Slogging the Slavs and Netherland have assured FB that cricket is known in both countries, he understands that neither Hungary nor the USA is a hotbed of cricketing interest. 
This leads FB to wonder whether it is the word fantasy in the title of his witterings that may be misleading internet surfers and attracting expectant but inadvertant hits from either devotees of JRR Tolkein and the like or sex maniacs in search of new forms of stimulation. 

Fantasy Bob does not wish to disappoint.  He would therefore like to confirm to readers in the former category that he is not, nor ever has been a hobbit.  He finds the lack of explanation of why slow wickets  were invariably found in Mordor a great defect in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.   Indeed FB considers that had Gandalf had the wit to make a forceful declaration at the right time in volume 2, a result might have been achieved without inflicting the 3rd volume on the crowd.

On the other hand, sex maniacs should understand that occasionally in Fantasy Bob's many years on God's earth his shambling an unassuming demeanour has been likened to a sex machine.  But sadly these occasions are increasingly infrequent.

In the meantime, FB welcomes all readers from cricketless countries.  They have his full sympathy.  He trusts his witterings can ease the daily pain of their cricket starved existence.

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