Thursday, 21 October 2010

Something more for the yachties

In the lull before the Ashes begin, Fantasy Bob thought he would devote a little more space to another of his interests - sailing.

Here is a picture of a fantastic looking yacht passed to him by a colleague at work.  She used to be available for charter on the West Coast but has recently been fully renovated in Yorkshire.  This link will tell anyone interested more about how she was restored and her history.

You can forget Abramovich's monster football stadium sized gin palaces - this is a real boat.  Ah ..if Fantasy Bob were to win the lottery tomorrow - it would be remarkable, since it is only drawn on Wednesday and Saturday - but if, if...........

In a previous post FB told you how he developed an interest in dinghy sailing.   After a few years practising capsizing it all seemed a bit wet, so FB and his then escort thought that they would try something bigger and more stable in the form of a real yacht and decided to take a boat on a flotilla in Greece.  2 other girlfriends were pressed into service as crew.  Arriving at the starting point on the island of Skiathos, the yachts were duly found on the quay. 

There were 6 or 7 boats.  They all had proud Greek hero type names - Ajax, Achilles and the like.  All that is except that allocated to Fantasy Bob and his crew of Amazons.  Their yacht rejoiced in the name of Fluffy.  Fluffy! 

Apparently it was the owners' cat's name.  But you can bet FB made sure he didn't use the VHF radio - the thought of calling out to all listeners within 25 miles the words - 'Ajax,Ajax,Ajax this is Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy'  ensured radio silence throughout the trip.

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