Monday, 4 October 2010

An unsung hero

In another idle moment today, Fantasy Bob was scanning the CricketScotland website and was delighted to see reference to the excellent Carlton website - (it's the final piece on the link)

In FB’s view, this recognition is long overdue since in his travels round the cricket blogosphere, the Carlton website is without equal.  This is not just because of its occasional references to his own activities, although he has no objection to those.  Indeed the CS article repeats this successful formula by including a link to the website's current front page - which contains a picture of FB in the full glory of his delivery stride.  FB is confident that this action will be carefully studied by Pete Steindl and the CS coaching staff in order to inspire the Saltires’ bowling attack to greater achievements next season.

FB was also delighted to note in the CS article the credit given to John Boyd for his work on the website – and the junior section at Carlton.  Again, in FB’s opinion, this is long overdue. 

All power to you John - an unsung hero if ever there was!


  1. "Website of the Month" is a pretty daft idea - the comparative performance of different cricket club sites is unlikely to vary much from month to month. And do not be fooled into thinkng that the "award" is the result of a careful consideration of the candidates and the exercise of careful judgement. As an observer of that crowd for nearly forty years, I have never seen any evidence that they are capable of such tasks.

    In reality, it is simply a "write in and you will get a mention" feature. I understand that a club member with the same view as FB, me and a lot of other people at Carlton on the excellence of the Carlton website wrote in pointing out the obvious - that it was streets ahead of the other sites previously named as "Website of the Month".

    That said, I echo wholeheartedly FB's comments on the site and on the part played by John Boyd. The contribution John has made to the Club over the past few years has been immense.

  2. Thanks Iain - mention of the governing body was a bit of a half volley for you to practice your slog sweep on. Whatever the source, John deserves all the credit that comes his way.

  3. I agree that John deserves all the credit that comes his way. And it is true that the citation in the column is unusually fulsome for the likely author (a star of the Breastforest XI 30 years ago - as well as being the only ground convenor I know of who had pitch that required the use of sawdust in a heatwave).