Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Fantasy Bob has discovered too late that yesterday was the scheduled day for the 11th No Pants Subway Ride.  He did not therefore have to face the dilemma of whether to participate.

This event involves celebrants riding on public transport without their lower clothing.  When challenged participants are advised to say that in their hurry to get out of the house they forgot to put their pants on and insist that it is a coincidence that there appear to others who are in a similar condition.  Yeh, right.

What the point of this exercise is rather escapes FB. It may be enough to understand that it originates in America.  On the other hand, FB may be unduly attached to his pants - or vice versa.

It is reported that the event took place in 60 cities in 27 countries.  But no Scottish city is on the list, which suggests that Scottish people have proper respect for their pants, perhaps because they have more need of them in the dead of winter.  They are not lightly to be discarded.

The reports do not specify the extent to which cricketers in these 60 cities may have participated.
London maybe
but these are not cricketers
FB suspects there may have been none for most of the cities are not renowned for their cricketing heritage.  FB further reflected that cricketers do not wear pants, they wear trousers.  A cricketer's pants are something altogether more intimate and FB does not think these could be discarded on Lothian Buses under any circumstances - even on the Night Bus after midnight on a Saturday.

He therefore concludes that until a cricketers' version is devised, he will have to dismiss any concept of participating in the No Pants ride.

In fact he thinks the whole thing is pants anyway.

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