Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free as the wind

Fantasy Bob how expects radical improvement in England's performance for the rest of the tour following today's announcement that Tommy Sheridan is available for selection again.

Tommy Sheridan
leaving prison reunited with his bowling coach
There may be those among Fantasy Bob's readership who have not heard of Tommy Sheridan.  They may, for example, wonder if he is one of the many bowlers who took 5 wickets on debut last year, but whose names even FB finds hard to recall at the drop of a hat....Sheridan sounds Australian................or South African......or something. On the other hand there may be those who have forgotten him altogether, deliberately or otherwise.

For those who are struggling:  Tommy Sheridan is a firebrand left-wing Scottish politician.  He is frequently described as colourful, if for no other reason than that he is addicted to the tanning machine and so is usually a Jordanesque shade of orange.  Eighteen or so months ago Sheridan was jailed having been found guilty of perjury during his preceding successful defamation case against the News of the World who made allegations of his predelictions for sex clubs and the like.

Sheridan was released from prison today on licence to spend the last 6 months of his sentence at home secured by an electronic tag.  During his time inside, a lot of News of the World water has flown under the bridge, indeed the NOW is no more.  Tommy is therefore a man with a mission (again - or still) and has shown every inclination to carry on challenging many aspects of his case.

It was suggested at first that Sheridan would also be subject to a gagging order - ie he would not be allowed to speak in public, on pain of having to return to prison.  However this order has now been lifted and the celebration is immense.  Andy Flower is only one of the many who have welcomed this development.  He has already called the Scottish authorities to express his gratitude.  For it means that England's under pressure coach will have the benefit of Sheridan's views for the next Test match and the following ODIs as he tries to restore the credibility of his team's batting order.

Now, Tommy Sheridan may not know much about cricket, but what he doesn't know about spin is not worth knowing.

Radical improvement in England's prospects is therefore guaranteed.

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