Sunday, 8 January 2012


Fantasy Bob and the Indian team in Australia have a lot in common.  Their start to the year has been almost identical.

While the Indians faced an avalanche of runs and a blizzard of wickets in Sydney, FB and his son and heir faced avalanche conditions and blizzards of the snowy kind in the Arlberg in Austria.  Doughty groundsmen were measuring the snow in metres.  Play on the pistes was suspended as ground staff failed to get the covers on in time.

Conditions interrupted FB's expected return itinerary.  His phoned request to Her Majesty's Royal Air Force to scramble a helicopter in order to evacuate him and said son and heir proved unsuccessful for no valid reason that FB can establish.  He will shortly pursue this affair with the proper authorities.  Evidence is being collected on the links between this lack of response and Tendulkar's failure to get his 100th ton. A full scale public inquiry may be necessary.

However there will be a short delay in resuming normal service on this blog.  FB expects readers will experience no disappointment, in fact they may well relieved.  They may take the view that stuck in a snow drift is the best place for FB - Indian cricket supporters may feel the same about their batting line up.

What would the Little Master make of a wicket like this?

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