Sunday, 29 January 2012

England Triumph

England delivered a decisive victory yesterday easily passing Zimbabwe's 51 all out ...............

Oh dear, it is all a bit of a shambles.  Cook said that they could chase 250 - Azhad said he thought 150 would be enough.............Did England believe that they could get the total?  This was the real thing from the first ball of the match on Wednesday, every ball mattered.

Even following the ball by ball report the final innings looked tough.  The names Rehman and Ajmal seemed to glow on the screen, while the English names barely registered.  Who needs pictures?  Dot after dot suggested that England's top order had never faced a left arm spinner or an off spinner before.

Who have they been practising against? Might it be an option for them to face Monty and Swann in the nets? They look pretty good.

Where have all our batters gone?

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