Monday, 9 May 2011


This blog has magic powers.  The majority of Fantasy Bob's 3 readers will already be aware of this, in that they only have to open a posting and they are magically transported to the land of nod as they peruse the infantile ramblings of a decaying mind.  But Fantasy Bob thinks that sceptics may have to reassess and (in the peculiar Americanism) it may be time for them to wake up and smell the coffee. 

Magical wittering powers?
Last week colleague Jim MacDonald carried his bat in FB's All Star X's (no misprint due to previously reported policy of radical decimalisation in FB's go ahead Edinburgh club). FB composed a post on the subject, in which, among other digressions and ramblings, he observed that he himself, never having opened the innings, had never carried his bat.  At the time of writing, he was confident that this was the natural order of things and would endure for all eternity.

But we are blessed to live in interesting times.  Despite sceptical voices, climate change is happening so is batting order change.  In Saturday's match FB found he had to open the innings, despite his previously valid certificate of medical incompetence to bat above 6.  He even faced the first ball.  2 hours later he was still there undefeated as the last of his colleagues succumbed to the hostile bowling and spiteful pitch.  In short FB carried his bat.  Only one thing can account for this phenomenon - Witterpower - this blog has supernatural powers.

So FB is considering a range of possible blogging subjects this week in the confident expectation that they will convert into real achievements.  Here is his list, but he will offer space in these pages to other requests on commercial terms.  What can Witterpower do for you?

Poonam -
will she succumb to Witterpower?
(this is a serious scientific enquiry
and not a gratuitious excuse
to present yet another
photo of the comely Ms P)
  • Scoring 100? Now that FB is an established opener this becomes more possible than when he came in with 15 overs to go.  In fact FB posted about this out of season, so the magical powers couldn't operate to their full effect. 
  • Hattrick?  Another out of season post. FB has been there, done that; but it would be good to relive the experience of youth.
  • Selection as England captain? They've got three, one more can't hurt.
  • Tickets for the Olympics?  You must be joking.
  • Eternal life?  The juniors think FB has gone on for ever anyway.
  • A night out with Poonam Pandey?  Ms Pandey is rumoured also to be blogging about a night out with FB. 
  • Some birdies on the golf course?  This week sees FB's annual torment in the Wateraid Pro-Am.  A birdie or too would confer extreme bragging rights.
  • Scotland to win the Rugby World Cup?  Er.......well some things might be beyond even Witterpower
  • Universal happiness - that'll do nicely.

What can Witterpower do for you?


  1. Congratulations on this memorable achievement - all the more impressive for not having required intervention by a superhero. I look forward to FB's success in this year's British Open.