Sunday, 1 May 2011

The naked truth

Fantasy Bob has read with interest a story in the popular press that a gym in Spain is offering nudist sessions.   In one sense nothing could be more apt, since the word gym is taken from the Greek gymnos meaning naked.  For in Ancient Greece, athletes competed in the buff for aesthetic reasons (nudge nudge).  And who knows where they put all the sponsors' logos?
Spanish nudists hard at it

'We're always interested in new activities,' said Maite Vicuna, president of the Basque Naturist Association, who attended a trial run of the naked gym last week.  A poll of the group's members showed 90% support for a facility offering a full range of nude workouts.  'Doing sport without clothes is natural - and much more comfy.' Ms Vicuna explained.  FB's nudism has been confined to occasional skinny-dipping, but he sees Ms Vicuna's point.  In fact she has more than one point visible, but that is another issue............

This could be the start of a worldwide trend.  The naturist has a pretty poor time of it in cricket but the Spanish initiative suggests to FB that cricket clubs may need to review their approach.   If bare cheeks were good enough for the Ancient Greeks, the naturual state should be good enough for Carlton.  FB has therefore written to the power brokers of the go ahead Edinburgh cricket club to propose that the club build on its naturist membership by instituting regular nudist net sessions.   He is sure that this could attract many new players to the club.  He awaits a response expectantly.


  1. FB is to be commended for such a bold and innovative initiative. However, he may find the outcome rather painful.

  2. Thanks - FB is checking with the European Naturist Association that the wearing of appropriate protective apparatus would not compromise the status of these sessions from their point of view.