Monday, 2 May 2011

That last word

As the souvenir photo albums tumble onto the shelves and the British people go forward with a spring in their step following the greatest Royal Wedding of the year, and those kisses, Fantasy Bob would like to pay grateful thanks to his anonymous supporter who sent him a copy of Knit your Own Royal Wedding. 

Unfortunately this wonderful gift arrived too close to the actual event for FB to get his needles out and execute the copious instructions - which include corgis, the ring and a fold together carboard balcony on which the knitted newly-weds can wave to the cheering crowds and woolily slobber over each other.  FB will treasure this volume.

He looks forward to its companion volume being issued soon - Knit Your Own Ashes Series.  This will be complete with the Ponting scowl and broken finger, the Mitchell Johnson tattoos, the Stuart Broad side strain, the Graham Swann sunglasses and the Bowden crooked finger. 

When rain stops play don't waste the time in idle chatter - get knitting.

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