Monday, 30 May 2011

The Good Samaritans

Carlton's star studded first XI has got off to a dream start in this season's SNCL campaign.  After 5 matches they are undefeated, comprehensively beating their likely rivals for honours in their 2 most recent fixtures.

In last weekend's home match against Watsonians, they were helped by the visitors' rash running between the wickets which conceded 3 run-outs.   Even though these tragic events were to the go-ahead Edinburgh club's direct advantage, the humanitarian ethos of the club has come to the fore.  It is an issue of concern.

The senior management at Carlton met late into the night.  They have now confirmed to Fantasy Bob that they remain greatly concerned about player safety.  They wish to address head-on the continuing risk of suicidal singles at Grange Loan and will be installing phone lines for batters to speak to the Samaritans before leaving the crease.

A spokesman said, 'We are determined to make the suicidal call for a single a thing of the past.  Batters will not have to dial a number, they just lift the phone to get the advice they need.'

Quick single?  Seek help.
FB is sure all 3 of his readers will congratulate the club on its far-sighted policy.

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