Friday, 6 May 2011

Is it a bird?

Fantasy Bob reads that Superman has decided to renounce his American citizenship in to the latest comic book story line.  Showing a surprisingly liberal cast of mind, Superman has taken issue with American foreign policy as being a bit American and not enough in the saving the world line for his liking.
Superman -
unorthodox bowling action

Superman previously played Tests for the planet Krypton but has had a long standing residential qualification to play for the US.  Saving the world exploits have however limited his international appearances. While there is no indication that Superman will be giving less attention to saving the world from evil invaders and such threats, Fantasy Bob encourages CricketScotland to investigate his availability for the next few Saltire games.  The Saltires have got close to a couple of victories in their CB40 matches so far this season but have just fallen short. Overseas pro Luke Butterworth has unluckily been ruled out with a broken toe so there is a space for an allrounder in the team and Superman looks just the kind of player that could give the Saltires a boost.  FB understands that the only significant challenge in securing his commitment will be assuring him that a telephone box shaped changing room will be made exclusively available to him to pad up.

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