Monday, 27 September 2010

Running away to sea

Fantasy Bob is at sea this week - 'Yeh, yeh,' you will be thinking, 'Just like when he's at the crease.'
But this is the real thing he is taking a cruise in the Irish Sea on a yacht like this one - 72ft of real boat.

Ignore the legend on the hull here - obviously FB not going as a youth, but on a trip arranged by his good friends at sportscotland Cumbrae.  It is one of Fantasy Bob's many hidden talents that he is a yachtsman of some modest accomplishment. 

There is lots to commend in the work of the Ocean Youth Trust whose yacht this is.  Have a look at the good work they do.

In an interesting test of his computer skills, FB think he has pre-programmed some more of usual rubbish to appear on this blog during his absence.  Enjoy.

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