Saturday, 25 September 2010

Miliband of brothers

It was in the 1970's that the Australian selectors had to choose between the captaincy skills of brothers Greg and Ian Miliband.  What a dilemma to have - both had awful moustaches, both were capable of scoring big runs and both were fine close to the wicket fielders.  It was a close choice but it was Ian that won out and led the team to successive election victories. 

A similar challenge has just faced the selectors of the Labour Party CC, forced to choose between David and Ed Chappell.  Neither has a moustache, neither has scored a Test century and neither is noted for snaffling them up in the slips.  Nothing to separate them. But Fantasy Bob understands that Ed has just won by the narrowest of margins and will lead his side in the coming test series against the Condems CC.


  1. I hear that the players are muttering amongst themselves that the sponsors had too much influence in the selection of left-handed Ed - said sponsors traditionally favouring left handers. Some observers are predicting an outbreak of the internecine squabbling that has afflicted Labour Party CC, particularly when they have just lost a test series.
    The next series against Condems CC will not be for some time, particularly as Condems are acting unilaterally to remove the declaration option. Before that one of their other teams, the Scotlab XI, who play at Holyrood Park, has a mini-series against Scotnats CC.
    The Scotlab XI are led by Offwhite Iain, a more upright and worthy chap you could not meet. But many feel he lacks the tactical nous, playing skills and killer instict of his opposite number, Fishy Eck.
    It remains to be seen whether Chappell will have any influence on the coming contest at Holyrood Park.

  2. Thanks Iain, as I suspect you know, Fantasy Bob once coached the legendary opening bat and skipper Donald Dewar when he was having problems in the corridor of uncertainty. The Scotlab XI has rather struggled since he departed. Fantasy Bob notes your approval of the current skipper but thinks that he lacks confidence on the short stuff. He also thinks the side could do with some strengthening in the fast bowling department - Jackie Baillie is just not quick enough at Test level.

  3. I agree. Not only was Offwhite Iain selected for the wrong reasons (all round good guy, but nowhere near a good enough player) but he has been dealt a poor batch of players. There are neither fast bowlers nor big hitters in that lot. Selection to the Scotlab XI has always been more dependent on long service in bowling lollipops in the nets to the Club heirarchy than on real merit.

    By contrast, Dewar had real class and stature and he brought with him one or two of stature, particularly that fine middle order player Sam Galbraith. As you say, the Scotlab XI has rather struggled since his unfortunate and untimely departure.

    He was succeeded by that footballer chappie whose actual ability nowhere near matched his own assessment. In particular, his running between the wickets was awful due to the inability of anyone else to make sense of any of his calls. There are those who doubt if he ever understood anything he said himself (or indeed ever finished a sentence). He famously could not distinguish between muddle and fiddle, or should that be fuddle and middle?

    The next chap, who played for Arran and Stirling District before coming to the Scotlab XI, had some success due in part to an influx of players from the LD XI and in part to poor opposition, but ultimately suffered the ignomy of defeat by a rejunevated Scotnats CC under Fishy Eck (whose distant cousin played briefly for Carlton).

    That led to the short reign of Weary Wendy, Dewar's chosen successor. In that choice, Dewar showed a rare lack of judgement. While she would undoubtedly have benefitted from a few more years of Dewar's coaching, the fundamental flaws in her technique (terrible shot delection and running between the wickets) were always going to undermine her technichal brilliance, especially on theoretical matters.

  4. Iain - thankyou FB agrees your assessment of Galbraith a fine striker of the ball who would undoubtedly have played many more Tests had injury and illness not shortened his playing career.