Sunday, 19 September 2010

Livingston I presume

In an idle moment today Fantasy Bob perused the Cricket Scotland website and discovered a report commending Livingston CC for having 2 teams promoted this season.  Very well done them - particularly since one of their number turns out for Currie and Balerno on occasion.  But as the Carlton faithful know this feat is matched by at least one other club in ESCA this year.  And they have achieved it despite the handicap of having Fantasy Bob in their ranks.  We look forward with keen anticipation to similar recognition by the governing body.


  1. I too saw this and realised the omission; but I was not in the least surprised. Remember that this the website that told us, the day after Uddingston had won the Scottish Cup for the second time in eight years,that this was the first time they had won the trophy. Remember,too, that these are the people who have brought us a new structure for the SNCL that nobody wants. Do not expect anything like a professional approach from that quarter.

    A few minutes research would have told them that, not only did Carlton have two teams promoted (and a third that finished ahead of a side promoted to the SNCL), but also that Morton had done better than that in that both of their sides finished at the top of their respective division. It is also possible, depending on what ESCA decide to do in the light of Edinburgh Accies' promotion to the SNCL, that Musselburgh will also have two sides promoted.

    The message is clear. If you want this sort of mention, you have to ask them. But who, with any sense of pride, is going to crawl to that crowd?

  2. Iain - many thanks for putting the record straight. Good to see a number of clubs with such successful seasons. No wonder theprice of champagne has risen recently.