Saturday, 18 September 2010

The mysteries of religion

As many may have guessed from his stern Calvinist outlook, Fantasy Bob was brought up in the Church of Scotland - well, not in the Church obviously but in line with its teachings.  He thus finds it difficult to understand some of the practices of other faiths - eg leg spin bowling.  However in our multi-faith, multi-cultural society he just has to get on with it.  As a moral relativist he accepts that there can be different interpretations of the lbw law in different circumstances - although he likes to think that when he is the bowler appealing, even the most sceptical humanist will recognise the power of the revealed truth and raise his finger.

But he is mystified by the recent news that on his visit to Birmingham this weekend, prospective Carlton overseas amateur Ben Ratzinger (see previous posts) is going to beatify Cardinal Newman.  Now FB doesn't know what beatification involves - he assumes it has something to do with being put near the top of the batting order, so he is unlikely to be a candidate. 

But that is not his concern.  Why is sometime Carlton 3rd XI skipper Grant Newman being given this honour?  Grant has had an excellent first season with the Arrows, is a decent all round bloke (even though Australian) and his match winning innings in the last league game of the season was quality.  Commendation in the match report would have been enough for most Carlton players, but Grant (aka the Cardinal) has been deemed worth of greater glory.  Good luck on his special day - let's hope he finds Ratzinger's bowling to his liking.  Fantasy Bob and the rest of his Carlton team mates will be expecting miracles from the Cardinal next season.

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