Saturday, 25 September 2010

The All Time Great Biscuits XI

Here is an extremely rare team photo of the All Time Great Biscuits XI  .  Taken at HQ prior to a crunch match.

It took Fantasy Bob many years devoted searching in the memorabilia stores to bring this picture to light.  On finally encountering it  Fantasy Bob enquired whether an autographed version was known to exist.  'Don't be silly', he was told, 'biscuits can't write'.


  1. Surely Jaffa cakes should feature in the list from a bowler of FB's fearsome quality?

  2. Bluto, many thanks FB detects no hint of sarcasm in your final phrase but is surprised that you do not recall the heated dispute about Jaffa Cakes residential qualification which caused doubt in the selectors' mind. Jaffa Cakes prowess was acknowledged in the original post.