Friday, 31 August 2012

Top Attraction

Executive chiefs at go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton met in emergency session yesterday following the news that Stirling Castle has topped a poll to find the UK's favourite visitor attraction.

A spokesperson for the club said, 'The club is disappointed to have missed out on this top award. Our Grange Loan HQ must have been a close second. Visitors always commend the playing surface and our teas are legendary.  As far as we understand it the wicket Stirling Castle's leaves a lot to be desired.

'We recognise that Stirling Castle can boast of its association with Mary Queen of Scots.  Carlton too has links to important historical figures and visitors can still thrill to the sight of Fantasy Bob flashing outside off stump.  It is a unique experience.'


  1. While understandably disappointing for FB and his Carlton cohorts, this news is a great feather in the cap of Historic Scotland and its highly motivated staff. There is always next year - one day there may even be a blue plaque at Grange Loan, reading "Fantasy Bob survived an LBW appeal here". The battle of Stirling Bridge doesn't come close to that.

    1. The Battle of Stirling Bridge is generally held to have happened (although photographic evidence is somewhat lacking) but the event you describe is wholly fictitious and never happened.

    2. Sounds like an ideal candidate for Mel Gibson's next movie project then.

  2. that is very interesting and I would have recommended other amazing attractions, but the one they selected it is a good one too!