Friday, 17 August 2012

A Parade

Fans are already queueing to cheer Team FB
There is controversy following the decision of the Scottish Government that the victory parade will be in Glasgow.  Most commentators expected that it would be in Edinburgh with a reception at Edinburgh Castle.

Instead Fantasy Bob and the All Star Carlton Fourth XI will be taken through the streets of Glasgow.  The government also confirmed that junior members, who have dominated Fantasy Bob's side this year, will only be charged half fare for the planned bus ride.

Sports fans in the capital have expressed disappointment that they will not be able to cheer Team FB who have done so much to inspire them in this summer of rain, rain and austerity.  Sources suggest that consideration is being given in the City Chambers to an alternative event involving minor figures such as Chris Hoy who will pedal through the old town on an open topped bicycle.  

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Glasgow said, 'See Fantasy Bob, see open top buses, see me, see you, pure dead brilliant an' that.'