Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The X Factor

The Ex Factor is back on British TV screens.

England are ex number one test team after losing the series with South Africa despite a spirited rendition of their final song at Lords yesterday. But the panel of judges was clear that the team could not go forward to a big recording contract on the basis of their performances this year.

Gary Barlow commented that the quartet of Strauss, Cook, Bell and Taylor only got 12 runs between them in the second innings which wouldn't sell many records.

Louis Walsh noted that over the whole series the singers had dropped 9 catches which might have cost them something like 600 runs. This suggests that lessons in the boot camp part of the show have not been learned.

Tulisa admired Johnny Bairstow's efforts and thinks he may be one for the future, but is still worried about his technique facing the short pitched key change. And guest panellist Mel B joined other voices which suggested that the balance of the group was wrong and an extra bowler might have improved the overall harmony.

Many viewers phoned in to complain that programmers had made a big mistake by timing the celebrity knock out show I'm Kevin Pietersen Get Me out Of Here prior to the Lords fixture which had unsettled the team.

Meanwhile Simon Cowell counts his money and watches how the rival show South Africa's Got Talent (and Amla) has moved up in the ratings.

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