Friday, 10 August 2012


The race for the coolest man on the planet was won in style last night by Usain Bolt.  He won by a significant margin from Chris Gayle with Fantasy Bob a distant third.  A fantastic performance (Bolt's that is not FB's).

Both Bolt and Gayle come from Jamaica.  Fantasy Bob visited Jamaica some years ago, but very little of the coolness rubbed off on him.

It is well known that Bolt showed promise as a teenage cricketer, before his huge potential at coolness was discovered.  Indeed Bolt has the distinction of dismissing Chris Gayle in  a charity match in Jamaica.  However Chris Gayle has never managed to beat Bolt in a footrace.

An all time Jamaican XI could well be the coolest team ever:

Chris Gayle
Lawrence Rowe
George Headley
Marlon Samuels
Jeff Dujon
Wavell Hinds
Jackie Hendricks
Michael Holding
Jerome Taylor
Alf Valentine
Courtney Walsh

Cool enough not to need Usain Bolt as a runner.

Jamaica - one love.


  1. It was noticeable that, as most of the other Olympic competitors spend their interview time either thanking everyone from their birth midwife upwards or alternatively bursting into tears, Usain Bolt is content merely to proclaim himself the greatest athlete of all time, Fantasy Bob could surely learn a thing or two from him.

    1. FB has of course been a legendary figure for some time.

  2. well Usain Bolt has no rival, as simple as that, he is the fastest man alive and no one, absolutely no one can rival him at running