Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Selection Dramas

There has been further controversy over the future of Kevin Pietersen following his shock omission from the European Ryder Cup Team which was announced yesterday.

Newspaper reports carried speculation that this was the latest consequence of a long standing series of tensions in the dressing room between Pietersen and his skipper that began in 2003 when they played against each other in the Seve Trophy.  Pietersen asked the referee to rule on whether the future captain was entitled to repair two pitch marks on his putting line. Despite insisting he wasn’t questioning his integrity, his opponent angrily picked up his ball, conceded the hole, stormed to the next tee and played the rest of the match in silence.

Pietersen and Strauss
Meanwhile the ECB has yet to confirm the date and time of a clear-the-air meeting between Jose Maria Olazabel and Podraig Harrington.  Harrington is believed to have texted opposition players referring to the Ryder Cup Captain as Spanish.  In further revelations, attributed to senior players, Harrington is also alleged to have called a former team mate diminutive and unable to see over the thick rough.  Harrington was not named in the England selection for the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

Olazabel and Harrington
Lots of air clearing is required.


  1. Just as well that FB's season is drawing to a close. I would hate to see him facing the opposition's lively pace bowling armed only with a 9-iron.

    1. On this season's form he might fare no worse than with a bat.