Thursday, 30 August 2012

Resignation Shock

The cricket world has been rocked by a completely unexpected announcement.

Fantasy Bob told an astonished world that he was not resigning from any form of cricket with immediate effect.  There had been speculation that the under pressure captain of the Carlton All Star 4th XI might step down from the skipper's role in an effort to restablish his waning form.  But he dispelled these rumours in a dramatic statement today, 'Form is temporary,' he said, 'but class, in my case, is non-existent.'

Few would have foreseen the great achievements when FB took up the captaincy of a troubled side several years ago.  At that time he had a great future behind him.  Now that future is even further behind him.  However grateful cricket fans will not forget his great achievements, once they remember what they are.

In a direct answer to the question FB said that the KP incident had nothing to do with his non-decision.

In an emotional post-script to his press conference, FB did express his regret that Andrew Strauss had resigned from the England captaincy and paid tribute to his achievements as the finest captain that the All Stars never had.  No cricketer could receive greater commendation.

Strauss lets the news of FB's non-resignation sink in

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  1. News of FB's non-resignation rather eclipsed that of Andrew Strauss's departure on the news channels last night (not to mention the start of the Paralympics). The lesson of this summer is that it is often easier in sport to reach the top than to stay there and this is something that England teams consistently fail to learn. In FB's case, going out at the top might not be a choice he feels he has to face. However, there is always the option of growing a beard and pretending to be Hashim Amla - or Hamish Imlach.