Monday, 13 August 2012

Team FB

And suddenly it's gone in a puff of fireworks and Spice Girls
So the Olympic Games are now over and Fantasy Bob, along with the rest of the population, must turn again to face the challenges of everyday reality.  FB is still sceptical as to whether £9bn truly for a scintillating fortnight of action represents value for money, and will wait and see how all the talk of legacy turns out.  But it has been a great occasion with great achievements.  So no moaning at the back please.

FB says well done to all those medallists and to those who got so near to but so far from glory and to those who got personal bests.  The hard work starts now for the next event.

Here is Team FB, a select XI drawn from 2012's 29 British gold medallists each of whom has given FB particular inspiration.

Team FB

Mo Farah - 5,000m and 10,000m - in FB's mind the outstanding achievement of the Games  - 2 hard races where the mind game and knowing what to do and when to do it was as important as the stamina and the speed over the ground.

Kathleen Grainger - women's double sculls (with Anna Watkins) - a latter day Robert the Bruce - try try and try again.  Virtue finally rewarded.

Jessica Ennis - heptathlon - took the additional pressure of being the face of the games in her stride - supreme performance in several of the events the hurdles in particular

Timothy Baillie - C-2 slalom (with Etienne Stott) -  FB's fellow-Aberdonian canoeist who dominated the white water - then had a memorable victory celebration in the water.

Ben Ainslie - Finn Class Sailing - 4 golds in a row - match racer supreme - needed to get angry by being cut up in an early race in the series.

Jade Jones - Taekwondo - FB has never seen Taekwondo before - but the Headhunter got him engaged.  But if he tried the reverse spin to the head himself intensive medical treatment would be required.

Alistair Brownlee - Triathlon - stamina itself and what a come back from a severe achilles tendon injury earlier this year - apparently a pool built in his garden was an essential to his recovery.  FB is investigating the potential for a similar installation to assist his recovery from a long spell up the hill against the wind.  He has bought a spade.

Sophie Hosking - women's lightweight double sculls (with Katharine Copeland) - bubbly young presence - the look on her face after winning told it all.

Greg Rutherford - long jump - unexpected and triumphant - the most open and excited post event interview and it sealed the wonder of the first Saturday of competition.

Laura Trott - cycling women's omnium, and team pursuit - another bubbly youngster who could end up with more gold than Hoy and Pendleton combined.

Chris Hoy - cycling, keirin and team sprint - no more to be said - the supreme competitor of his time.

Close to selection were all the other medallists, the equestrians and the boxers were supreme.  Andy Murray and the feisty Nicola Adams who make the squad of 13.  They will face FB's XI selected from previous Olympians in a 29 over match some time before 2016.


  1. An excellent side it has to be said. A word about Sophie Hosking though - it was not reported in the Scottish media but Sophie was born and spent the first couple of years of her life in Bonnie Scotland so we could probably claim her for our own if we were really pushed. As for the picture shown, it is actually Kat's face that we see but we got the idea anyway.

    1. Many thanks for your interest. The post of Picture Editor at FB Media Enterprises may be advertised later this year.