Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Sitar

FB is on a short assignment in India.  While he is away he has left a few posts in the bowling machine summarising some of the things India means to him.  

Ravi Shankar
Fantasy Bob's knowledge of Indian music is hugely limited.  He can recognise the sitar and the tablas.  He has heard of Ravi Shankar.  He has enjoyed the occasional snatch of Bollywood and Banghra.

But like many cricketers of his particular vintage, he became familiar with Indian sounds when western rock musicians discovered them and incorporated them into their tunes.  This influence also extended to muzak - FB also remembers how at one time background music in Indian restaurants which were based on sitar versions of such western classics as Yellow Bird or As Time Goes By.

So while FB wouldn't really know Raga from Ragtime, and in tribute to the 1960s, here are his 5 top tunes with Indian sounds in them.  Like Far Out, Man.
  • Hole in My Shoe - Traffic
  • Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
  • WithinYou Without You - The Beatles
  • Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
  • And one song that makes fine use of the tabla - Little Cloud by the Incredible String Band
And for those who yearn for the real thing, here  is an example of the real thing Ravi Shankar's Raga Miniature

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