Monday, 4 June 2012

A Passage to India

For reasons that are more properly recorded as fiction and therefore are unfit for treatment in this fact driven blog, Fantasy Bob has been summoned to India for a few days.

It may surprise his world wide readership to know that this is not the response of the BCCI to the recent failures of Indian Test cricket and the dwindling crowds for the IPL. There would be evident sense in the BCCI seeking FB's insights into their problems. But, so far, they have declined his offer of a special consultation.

FB's purpose in visiting is far more mundane and not a subject of any interest to his readership.  Nevertheless he is sure that news of his arrival will travel quickly and there will be a vast crowd there to welcome his arrival at New Delhi airport.  That there is a large crowd there 24 hours a day every day should not be taken as evidence that the particular large crowd is there for the purpose of welcoming him.

FB has left a few small posts about various things Indian which will come out of the bowling machine while he is away.  All in all these simply reveal his ignorance about the great sub-continent.  Regrettably FB's trip will not allow him to do much by way of exploration outside hotels, offices and seminar room so this ignorance is likely to remain unimproved.

Indian crowd celebrates news that FB is coming

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  1. I read in the news pages this morning that the Indian Weather Office expects the monsoon to arrive imminently. So FB will feel completely at home.