Tuesday, 12 June 2012


There was concern in the scientific community that the species might be extinct.  It had not been spotted for a long time - nearly 2 years.  Papers were being written.   The foremost experts in biodiversity were mystified. A campaign was being developed by the RSPB. Research was being commissioned. What could explain the sudden disappearance of this once familiar species?  Perhaps climate change was to blame; perhaps the encroachment and degradation of habitat; perhaps a virus; perhaps a new predator had entered the food chain. The search for an answer was intense.

Parents struggled to understand how they could tell their children that this once delightful creature had now vanished and would be seen by future generations as a myth and legend on a par with the dodo.

But then a miracle.  It seems the species is more resilient than it has been given credit for.  It has been spotted again.

Fantasy Bob's Duck is back.  Lesser Spotted Tufted and Crested, the Duck is back. If mystery still surrounds is sudden disappearance, then there is no mystery in its return.  An ungainly lunge at a full length ball outside off stump on Sunday.

Nature lovers can rest easy in their beds.  The RSPB is now considering the extent to which FB's efforts at the crease could restore other imperilled species.  The man deserves an accolade - no praise is too high.

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  1. FB's next ambition should surely be the much rarer Golden Duck - this is often spotted early in the season, especially after frequenting the city's watering holes.