Saturday, 30 June 2012

Product News

Apple led the way with the i-Pad. Then there was Blackberry. This week Google has announced its Nexus device. And Microsoft are developing their version called Surface with a view to an early launch.

Tablets are everywhere. But none of them commends themselves particularly to cricketers. So FB went back to the design desk and with the highly qualified research team at the technology laboratories of go ahead Edinburgh Cricket Club Carlton came up with something special.

New and improved it is based on a traditional Scottish design. It has been brought bang up to date. This is the only Tablet on the market with a full range of apps which includes FB's Empire Biscuit app. A vision of tomorrow today.
What more could a cricketer want?


  1. I understand from technical reviews that this device comes with Bluetoothrot already installed.

    1. Correct - and the locations of all dentists are programmed into its GSI apps.