Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The flat earth society

Fantasy Bob has recently become aware of the insidious activities of the Flat Earth Society.  Without wishing to cause undue alarm, he thinks cricketers need to take care not to be unduly influenced by this organisation.

The Flat Earth view of our planet
The Flat Earth Society seeks to further the belief that the Earth is flat, contrary to the scientifically proven fact that it is an oblate spheroid orbiting the sun. The most recent world model propagated by the Society holds that humans live on a disc, with the North Pole at its centre and a 45m high wall of ice at the outer edge. The resulting map resembles the symbol of the United Nations, and the sun and moon are each a mere 52 km in diameter.

FB is not making this up.  The Society is active and committed to proving Gallileo a fraud - and most other scientists too.  Try this link if you fancy more.

What has this to do with anything, you wearily ask?  Well, is it not dramatically obvious that there is a sub-group of this organisation and which holds undue sway within the ICC?  The Flat Wicket Society is training doughty groundsmen one by one, strip by strip, to propagate flat wickets?   Are the astronomical scores at Bangalore during the present CWC not proof enough?    This is part of a nefarious plot which aims to join all flat wickets together one by one and, hey presto, flat earth - Gallileo outed.  The Society also has a number of related beliefs which challenge the basis of conventional science.  To the Flat Wicketer, batsmen are the product of intelligent design and there is no evolutionary link between them and primitive types like bowlers. 
The Flat Earth plot must be stopped before it is too late. 

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