Sunday, 13 March 2011

Underdog days

For whatever reason, and his readeers are free to surmise, there is something deep within Fantasy Bob's psyche that compels him to side with the underdog.  The poor, the dispossed, the despised of men.  Aberdeen FC.  But today he wonders could this be the weekend of the underdog? 

Well done Bangladesh.  Some rubbish bowling by England at the death, but Bangla tail enders had to hold their nerve.  Group B becomes even more interesting. Would KP have made any difference?  Possibly, opening with Prior was a surprising risk.  A dewy ball?  Of course no English player has ever had to bowl with a damp ball in England.  Swann is properly disciplined for dissent.  They've been on the road too long but they could be coming home soon.

Come on Scotland
Well done Italy - a thoroughly deserved triumfo, showing great character and no little skill.  As they were beating France for the first time while S Africa were casting aside their long standing choking tag by doing for India in Nagpur.  tightening up Group B even more in the process.

Yes, yes, yes it must be the weekend of the underdog and there can be no dog so far under as the Scottish rugby team. 

So Fantasy Bob calls on all Scottish rugby players in the Twickenham area this weekend to imagine they are Bangadeshi or Italian or S African and get stuck in. 

Since in his otherwise hopeless preview of the BangEng match, FB predicted an England win against Bangaldesh, he hopes the same effect will follow this prediction of an English victory in the Calcutta Cup at Twickenham on Sunday.

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