Friday, 19 November 2010

The natural order of things

Fantasy Bob thinks that there may be an explanation after all. 

He read today that the journal Nature (allegedly a prestigious scientific publication and not an in-house magazine for nudist clubs) has published a paper describing how physicists at the CERN facility in Geneva have captured anti-matter for the first time ever.  Star Trek fans in particular will know that anti-matter is important stuff since the Starship Enterprise is powered by an anti-matter reactor.  Given that outside the Star Trek studio, anti-matter was, until this capture, only an hypothesis this looks like a pretty important scientific achievement.  Perhaps not quite as important as the invention of HawkEye, but quite important nonetheless.  Apparently 38 atoms of anti-hydrogen were captured for 1/6th of a second.  Now this might not seem much but it probably cost about £3bn to achieve.    But it's tricky stuff this anti-matter and it escaped, presumably to return to the wild.  All in all a bit careless of the boffins who should have known to put the lid back on the jam jar. 

The search for Hussey's batting average
However it is obvious that even this fraction of a second's disturbance to the critical balance between matter and anti-matter has had a massive impact on the universe and the natural order of things.  Regrettably, Nature being a wholly lightweight and non-serious publication, there was no examination of the cricketing implications of this experiment.  

So, as usual, FB has to fill in the blanks.   The evidence is clear.  Less than a week before an Ashes series and Australia are on the floor, all over the place, a shambles - their top seven batters have managed only penny numbers between them in this week's state games so far.  England are all conquering, serene and, most unnatural of all, confident.   The natural order of things is disturbed.  Who can tell the consequences?

So FB says, if this is what one experiment can do, can we plug another £3bn in the meter and get some more anti-matter captured.  We need to keep the Aussies in this space for a few months more. 

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