Saturday, 6 November 2010

A museum piece?

Some years ago Fantasy Bob took a tour round Lords Cricket Ground.  Well recommended.  Squinting at the honours board FB could just about see his name..................

Part of the tour is a visit to the cricket museum cited just behind the Pavilion.  It contains all manner of interesting artefacts including Denis Comptons knee cap and various bits of old equipment not unlike Carltons home dressing room at the end of the season. 

One artefact sticks in FBs mind in current Ashes circumstances.  The bat that Alistair Cook scored his first Lords Test century with in 2006.   And a fine looking Gray Nicholls it was too.

In 2006 Cook could do no wrong, he was the golden boy of English batting and the runs flowed.  But more lately things haven't been going so well and there have been calls for him to be dropped.   His lack of foot movement gives him big problems outside off stump.  Not the first left hander to be so afflicted but his scoring has suffered and England's top order looks less formidable.  A century against Pakistan in August was his first big offering for some time.  Perhaps coaching can find the answer, perhaps psyschologists have the answer.  But the first warm up innings in Perth yesterday suggests there is work still to be done if he is going to make a contribution in the Ashes series.

 But FB thinks he has the answer for the golden boy - that bat worked once - it can work again. Come on Cookie, get it back from the museum and put it to good use.  If you don't there's a chance that you will end up the museum piece.

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