Sunday, 23 December 2012

Crystalline Energy

As ends of the world go, Fantasy Bob has to acknowledge that Friday's events were a trifle unconvincing, not to say disappointing.  An anti-climax.  It may of course be that following the realignment of the planets as predicted a new era of the world has commenced.  It may not be the fault of that new era, nor indeed those who prophesied its coming, that it is a lot like the old era.  Or as far as Scotland is concerned, like any era - pouring rain and grey skies.

But FB had been led to expect something more. One site he consulted about what to expect told him that the great event was in order to expand the Earth and Humanity beyond the 3rd dimension, and burgeon into 12 dimensions. …dimensions 5 to 12 of which are in nonpolarity, zero point Crystalline Energy & integral One-ness. And, FB is told in case he thought anything different, that is the crystalline frequency.  FB was up for this.

But instead what we got was localised flooding in many parts of north eastern Scotland. Complete failure on the crystalline frequency front.

This is the second failure of end of the world predictions in recent months. The Cassandras of cricket were out in force in November expressing their collective worries that England's Test series in India would end in nonpolarity, zero point crystalline energy and anything but integral one-ness. After a heavy defeat in Ahmedabad, it looked like the crystalline energy seemed to heading towards point zero. But a second innings of by Alistair Cook in defeat had an inspirational effect on the Cassandras and they soon went into overdrive about England's superiority. Justifiably. In both batting bowling and fielding they were by far the superior side. So it is not the English Cassandras who are looking at nonpolarity but the Indians. A team who barely 18 months ago were ranked number 1 have slid far from that pinnacle. And England even bested them in the second T20 with a splendid return to form by Eion Morgan in a winning skipper's knock. So the Cassandras of the sub-continent do seem to be looking at the end of the world. From this point FB is even confident about the ODIs that start the New Year.

Cassandra was of course given the gift of prophecy by Apollo overcome as he was by her beauty. But because she refused his advances, he ensured that none of her prophesies would be believed. That's the Gods for you. So far they seem to have fooled the Indian selectors who seem to have been slow to look to the future. They are paying for that failure in zero point crystalline energy.


  1. Playing cricket in 12 dimensions would certainly be interesting, a challenge for the DRS system apart from anything else, and Hawkeye would need some major modifications. FB, like the rest of us, will be relieved that Apocalyse has been postponed, along with trains from Edinburgh and Stirling to Perth (the wrong kind of rain causing floods and landslides on the line). The thousands who turned out for the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge and Chichen Itza might feel slightly short-changed but at least we got to see the final of Strictly Come Dancing and a memorable England victory in T20.

    1. What is strictly come dancing?

    2. A reality tv show in which an 80-something has to pretend that he can still compere a dance competition.