Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bobby's Girl

In December 1962 England were undertaking an Ashes Tour under the captaincy of Lord Ted.  They departed with high hopes of bringing back the Ashes but failed, as the series was drawn.

FB has no memory of these events.  In December 1962 he was inclined to listen to the radio on a Saturday morning when Children's Favourites was playing.  He could take or leave the wheezing of Uncle Mac but enjoyed the safe sounds of such tracks as Sparky's Magic Piano and Big Rock Candy Mountain.  But the world was about to change.  Suddenly out of the radio came a sound that got FB sitting up.   It was the perfect lyric to grab his attention - Susan Maughan belting out I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl.  This was her only hit record and reached number 3 in the charts that month.  Test Match Quality.

..........and if I was Bobby's girl what a faithful thankful girl I'd be......................And from FB's continuing point of view, why would she not?

The song followed FB about for some years - sometimes in earnest, sometimes in jest.  But it has never lost its meaning to him.

Mrs FB contends that she was unaware of this song and never in her life sang along with it.  However she says she was aware that England and Australia drew the First Test which finished in Brisbane on 5 December where Lord Ted was bowled for 99 in the second innings.  Mrs FB has many hidden talents.

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