Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Constitutional Shock

Constitutional theorists are divided in their opinions following the visit by Her Majesty the Queen to the Council of go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton. Hitherto she has played only a ceremonial role in the affairs of the club, despite efforts to recruit her to tea lady roster.

This is the first visit of the reigning monarch to the Council since 1781 and critics have suggested that it compromised the cricketing neutrality of the monarch who had no place in the selection of cricket teams, particularly not in the lower divisions of the East of Scotland Leagues.  

The professor of government at the London School of Economics said her attendance will mean that the Queen will know things she is not supposed to know and hear things she is not supposed to hear.  Sources close to the club suggest that this might refer to the Doughty Groundsman's response to the Council's suggestion that additional rolling might be required next season.

The club's spokesperson said that the Queen seemed to enjoy the meeting and did not once appear to fall asleep, unlike most of the other members.

Now which one of you is Fantasy Bob?


  1. The Council are a fractious lot, given to arguing about such matters as which colour of tie club members should wear (blue or yellow are favourites) and whether right- or left-handers should be preferred in the batting order. On these questions the Queen is well advised to stay silent.

    1. Indeed she needs her energy for helicopter jumping.