Saturday, 6 August 2011

What goes up............

Fantasy Bob is on a totally undeserved holiday far from the eyes of the paparazzi who continually hound him.  However in case you are lonely in his absence he has fed the bowling machine with some highlights trawled from YouTube.

Every cricketer has done it.  A vital stage in the match.  The ball takes the edge of the bat.  You see the ball.  Your hands go out.  It sticks.  Howzat, you yell and throw the ball up in the air with glee and all the strength you can muster, confident in the knowledge that the guiding hand of the cricket ball god will guide it gently down to earth in a safe predetermined landing spot....or will he?

That thud may well be Fantasy Bob returning from his holiday - so normal nonsense will recommence on these pages shortly.

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