Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More on the champions

Somewhere over the rainbow
News of Carlton's triumphant capturing of the Scottish National Cricket League Championship at the weekend continues to rock the civilised world.  Messages of congratulation have been flooding in form Heads of State and A-list celebrities.

Usain Bolt was so excited at hearing the news that, forgetting where he was, he jumped up and was judged to have false started in the World Championship 100m final.  He told Fantasy Bob that he had no regrets, he just couldn't waste any time in getting to his phone to text his congratulations to the boys.

Hurricane Irene was scheduled to flatten New York City, but the high pressure over Carlton's Grange Loan HQ on Saturday night changed the Northern Hemisphere's atmospheric conditions to the extent that the City was spared the worst of the damage and FB understands that grateful citizens have been texting their gratitude to the club. 

Carlton supporters
giving it something
 in Notting Hill
Meanwhile a spontaneous demonstration of support in Notting Hill drew thousands of Carlton supporters onto the streets in a dizzying array of costumes depicting the club's colours and dancing to the team's song.  Prime Minister David Cameron was not on holiday but told FB that had he been, he would have returned home specifically to oversee the scenes of incredible joy on the streets of English cities at the news. 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Director, Kath Mainland, told Fantasy Bob that Carlton's triumph was a fitting end to the most successful Fringe Festival ever seen.  She said that in all almost 1.9 million tickets had been issued for matches at Grange Loan.

Security agencies worldwide are being put on full alert against the possibility of Carlton successfully defending their National T20 title this weekend.

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