Friday, 19 August 2011

Songs of Cricket

Fantasy Bob posted some time ago about found poetry within the laws of cricket.  One better can be found on this album released by close harmony ensemble Cantabile and guests earlier in the summer.  One of the tracks is a plainsong version of the Spirit of Cricket.  A micro sample of it can be heard on this link.  More detail about the whole album in on this link.  FB is awaiting delivery of the CD so is unable to provide a full review but it all looks very jolly in that English-Flanders-and-Swan-Madrigal-singing-riots-don't-happen-here-is-there-honey-still-for-tea-cathedral-choir kind of way.

Plainsong is only one of the many musical styles that could render the laws of cricket even more memorable than they are.  FB suggests that the MCC might launch a competition to secure different musical interpretations which might be played as batsmen enter and exit during T20 matches giving Tina Turner's 'Simply the Best' a rest.   

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