Thursday, 11 August 2011


Fantasy Bob has read with interest a story in the popular press about a student from St Andrew's University, reputedly an institution of higher education on the east coast of Scotland, who has developed an optical sphere that is is invisible.  Mr Janos Perczel explained that his device slows down light so it bends round his sphere effectively concealing it. 

Fantasy Bob is sorry to disappoint Mr Perczel but he is sure that a number of bowlers operating in the lower divisions of the East of Scotland Cricket Association are ahead of them.  FB is sure that on several occasions he has confidently taken his guard at the crease, seen the ball leave the bowler's hand only to disappear effectively invisible.  Whether this is because the light has been slowed down and bent around the ball FB is unable to say but the ball regains its visibility after a short period, generally lying adjacent to a pair of bails that it has dislodged from the stumps behind FB's confident stance.

FB does not want to undermine Mr Perczel's endeavours so suggests that he applies his techniques to a device which would render invisible extensions to the width of his bat.  FB might be persuaded to part with a small financial incentive in exchange for an effective demonstration of this device and its exclusive use for a couple of seasons.

FB regrets that he is unable to bring his readers a photo of the invisible ball - that's the problem with being invisible.

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