Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Surprise Choice for Bank Governor

In a surprise announcement yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the appointment of Monty Panesar to succeed Mervyn Davies as the next Governor of the Bank of England.

Sources accepted that this was a surprise choice since Monty's banking experience is limited.  but sources told Fantasy Bob,

'After his 11 for 210 in the second test at Mumbai, Monty can do no wrong.  He was stupidly overlooked for selection for the first test and look what happened.  The Bank bank does not want to make the same mistake.  When MS Dhoni says he is a touch above the rest, who are we to disagree. We expect him to bowl into the rough at the Threadneedle St end to ask serious questions of the high scoring investment bankers who have had things their own way against a modest seam attack for too long.'

Monty was unavailable for comment last night.  He expects another turning wicket at Kolkata and interest rates to stay steady.


  1. New England cap Mark Carney can only aspire to Monty Panasar's heroic Second Test efforts. Not sure how much cricket is played in Canada but he has a few days to pick up the rudiments of the game before the Third Test. Do we know if Ian Bell is due back from his bedside duties yet?

  2. I should add that, should Monty take up his post at the Bank of England, he might recall the comment of former Governor Eddie George that there are 3 types of economist - those who can add up and those who can't.

    1. Just like the juniors who do the scoring at Carlton.