Friday, 30 November 2012

St Andrew

Martyrdom of St Andrew by Murillo
 Wisden reports that St Andrew was martyred on 30 November in 60 AD in Patrae.

Wisden also notes that relics of St Andrew were brought to Scotland in the 8th century and that something of a cult developed in the country. St Andrew became patron saint of Scotland in the 9th century following the battle of Athelstaneford. The match report for that encounter records that the Pictish King Oengus II was heavily outnumbered by his Angle opposition. In his prayer on the eve of battle he vowed that if he was victorious he would appoint St Andrew as patron saint of Scotland (not that Scotland existed then, but that is another point). This was evidently an offer that the listening saint could not refuse, for the evidence suggests that he was a bit of a golfer, and on the morning of battle white clouds forming a Saltire appeared in the sky . Ă“engus' army was emboldened by this apparent divine intervention, and despite being inferior in numbers were victorious. And the rest is history, as Wisden observes.

So in honour of Scotland's special day, here is FB's St Andrew's XI.  While Fantasy Bob has no reason to suppose that relics of any of these saints have been brought to Scotland, they are all worthy of veneration, if not a national day in their honour.  

Andrew Strauss (Eng) - 100 Tests 7037 runs @ 40.91
Andrew Hilditch (Aus) - 18 Tests 1073 runs @ 31.55
Andy Ganteume (WI) -1 Test 1 innings - 112 runs!
Andy Jones (NZ) - 39 Tests 2922 runs @ 44.27
Andy Flower (Zim) - 63 Tests 4794 runs @ 51.54
Andrew Symonds (Aus) - 26 Tests 1462 runs @ 40.61
Andrew Flintoff  (Eng) - 79 Tests 3845 runs @ 31.77; 226 wickets @ 32.78
Andrew Hall (SA) - 21 Tests 45 wickets @ 35.93
Andy Bichel (Aus) - 19 Tests 58 wickets @ 32.57
Andy Caddick (Eng) - 62 Tests 234 wickets @ 29.91
Andy Roberts (WI) - 47 Tests 202 wickets @ 25.61

Not a bad side although FB recognises the lack of a spin bowler.  However since this team will play only on the green green grass of Scotland the seamers may be enough.  And FB acknowledges that the selection of Andy Ganteume is for sentimental reasons.  A century on his debut and never in the side afterwards.  it was his misfortune to have to compete with the stellar talents of Walcott and Weekes.  There is also a story that while in the middle, he got a bit becalmed in the 90s and received a written note from the skipper telling him to get on with it and there was a suggestion that his slow scoring cost his team the chance of victory.  FB would like to give him the chance to make amends.  It is the saintly thing to do.

St Andrew's XI

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