Monday, 26 November 2012


..........what's that you say, Mr Robinson, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you...................*

...Jesus loves you more than you will know
Fantasy Bob doesn't quite understand how Paul Simon just about called it right in 1968 in one of his all time favourite songs - all those years before it happened.  Exactly right - except for the gender.  For some reason he imagined that Scotland's future rugby coach would be a she.  Well he - or - she might as well have been.

But FB's eyes were as lonely as any other Scottish support welcoming Andy Robinson's appointment 3 years ago.  Woo, woo,woo.....

Enoch Powell's famous observation that all political careers end in failure might applies equally to careers as sports coaching.  Particularly coach to Scotland's rugby team.  Robinson seemed so right for the job. We had bright days of early hope, days of expectation, days of non-delivery, days of frustration and ultimately disappointment, and finally, as the team pounded fruitlessly at the Tongan defence on Saturday, desperation. Woo, woo, woo.  Heaven holds a place for those who pray - as pray we must for the future of Scottish rugby.

It is perhaps ironic - or not - that on the day that Scotland failed to overcome the might of Tonga in Aberdeen the national media carried stories of Aberdeen being identified in the latest survey on these matters as the happiest place in Scotland.  Not for Mr Robinson, woo woo woo....................................Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose.  every way you look at it you lose............................

* FB is fully aware that this isn't quite the version of Paul Simon's great song that appears on the recorded version.  There is reference at this point to Joe DiMaggio, the baseball great. But FB is sure that this is because Paul Simon had some difficulty persuading the production staff that a song about the future travails of Scottish Rugby was a marketable item.  They insisted on a sport closer to home.  

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