Thursday, 8 November 2012

Don't panic.............

Fantasy Bob pays a small tribute to actor Clive Dunn who died yesterday.

FB's readership will know Dunn from his most famous role in Dad's Army where he played the doddering old butcher Corporal Jones.   Ironically he was one of the younger members of the cast, but he made the old fool entirely his own and was type cast for evermore. His catch phrases 'Don't panic' and 'They don't like it up them'  still bring a smile to FB's lips.

Ranjit -
 test average 44.59
However Corporal Jones should command the respect of FB's worldwide readership.  For in his day he was a cricketer of some distinction.  He tells of how in his youth and in a far off colony he kept wicket against the great Ranjitsinjhi.  'A fine upstanding gentleman he was too, sir.  Until I whipped his bails off...............that made his eyes water a bit.'

Cpl Jones batting for the Home Guard.
So it is that in the celebrated episode of Dad's Army first transmitted in November 1970, where the Home Guard Platoon is challenged to a cricket match, Jones is pressed into service behind the stumps once more. 

In his enthusiasm he attempts a stumping off every ball regardless of the fact that the batsman is firmly in his crease - just like many junior wicket keepers.  Eventually he is successful and celebrates in his characteristic 'don't panic' dance.

When the Platoon bats, he is bowled for a respectable 18.  But he did not have to face Fred Trueman who played  a ringer brought in by the opposition to secure victory but who had to go off after one ball having wrenched his shoulder.  Of course the Home Guard Platoon win the match and keep Britain safe from foreign invasion at the same time.  Test Match Quality.

Enjoy the episode and Clive Dunn's performance on this link.