Wednesday, 21 November 2012


One of these funny calendar type things that spread through cyberspace like KP's tweets tells Fantasy Bob that today is World Hello Day.

The objective is to say hello to at least ten people. Any cricketer playing today should therefore accomplish this with ease - unless there has been a call off.  Or unless the team's best batsman has gone off home to witness his wife giving birth.  

But the day was invented, if that is the word, not for the purpose of giving cricketers a simple way of breaking the ice in the dressing room. Not that that is generally necessary.  FB cannot recall being in a cricket dressing room with nothing being said at all.  He can recall many inappropriate things being said, not all by himself, but silence never.  So encouragement to say hello seems to be unnecessary.  From the cricketing point of view.

So it not a day directed at cricketers at all.  It has a far higher purpose.  It was begun in 1973 following theYom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt as a message to world leaders to use simple hum,an communications rather than using force to settle conflicts.

Given the situation in the Middle East as FB types this, it does not seem that there has been all that much hello saying recently.  Voices tend to be drowned out by the howl and crashing of rockets.  But cricketers and others shouldn't give up trying.  

FB will therefore be saying hello right, left and centre today - and as a result world peace may be advanced a small inch. 

But to which ten players will Alistair Cook be saying 'Hello, you're playing on Friday.'?


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