Sunday, 25 November 2012


Fantasy Bob stuck with the BBC spy series Hunted right through to its last episode earlier this week.  The one thing about its convoluted plot about which he is certain is that it had nothing to do with cricket.  There was some reference to Pakistan where a large dam was of some significance to the story.  From the brief scenes in which the area of the dam was seen, there appeared to be no cricketing activity there so, from the cricketing point of view this may well have been a red herring.  One of many in the plot.  Some of the London scenes looked to FB like they were shot in the area near Regent's Park which is of course within a stone's throw of Lords - but Lords did not feature, nor did any of the characters look like they were concerned to establish the state of play at any match that might have been in process at the ground.  FB understands one scene in the series was shot in East Linton in East Lothian which, with all due respect to what is in most respects a perfectly fine settlement, is a pretty senseless choice by the production team since it is lacking in a cricket ground.  So FB feels he is safe in his conclusion that the plot had nothing to do with cricket.  But beyond that he is less certain as he was left to himself to try to establish some coherence from the twists and turns and double bluffs.

The pouting blonde heroine started the series by being shot and ended by being shot.  Both assaults seemed to FB more than enough to end her innings, but she seems to have survived - whether this is because of the impact of  DRS is not stated.  She repairs to a remote Scottish cottage to recuperate.  None among her colleagues noticing that she has done so despite the fact that at all other times of the story they are festooned with all manner of surveillance technology.   Nor was that surveillance technology able to detect that she had had a baby whom she left in the care of some sturdy Highland nanny while she went off espionaging.  An everyday story of Highland folk.    FB is glad that this series has eschewed the improbable and coincidental in its plotting.

The main point though is that she lives to fight another day so that another series is already being made.  Will it resolve all the pieces of the story that are wholly unresolved following  the first series?  FB would like to think that there will be a bit more of cricketing interest in the next series, but he is not holding out too much hope.

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