Friday, 13 July 2012

One Lonely Guy

Fantasy Bob has just read an uplifting account of the experience of New Yorker Jeff Ragsdale.

Last year Jeff went through a difficult time and found himself isolated and alone in New York City. Jeff began to feel desperate. So, in attempt to connect with his fellow citizens, he put his phone number on a flier along with a simple message: "If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me."

He posted copies in windows and on lamp posts across the city. The response was encouraging, and then it went viral with with thousands of calls coming from around the world and from people in every walk of life. Many were of British origin.

FB is not surprised. He is sure that the sudden viral phase of the contacts obviously coincided with the start of the cricket season. Jeff was therefore on the end of thousands of calls from equally desperate men frantically searching for a 11th man, a 10th man or even a 9th man so desperate are some, for the weekend's 3rd or 4th XI fixture.

Jeff has now produced a book transcribing some of the conversations, text messages and voice mails. The book is called Jeff, One Lonely Guy and in it he acknowledges the inspiration he took from all these contacts. FB is sure it will reveal many messages asking him to be at the club at 12 for a 1pm start, saying not to worry if he doesn't have his own pads but reminding him to bring tea in appropriate amounts. Given his Americanness there will no doubt be several messages suggesting that cricket is just like baseball only different and not to worry he'll soon get the hang of it..............FB fears these might have put him off.

FB is ashamed to say that he never saw Jeff's message and so did not contact him in this way. He recognises that this must be hugely disappointing to Jeff - who may well remain depressed as a result. For it is the one call that every lonely person yearns for - the call to turn out for the Carlton All Star Fourth XI. But for Jeff it never came. FB would like publicly to apologise to Jeff now. But if he gets in touch he will see whether there is a chance of a game before the end of the season. However if Jeff just wants to chat about how baseball and cricket are different and here why cricket is superior, FB is waiting for his call. After all, cricket is the best cure for loneliness

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