Sunday, 29 July 2012

Empty Seats

Grange Loan at the high point of Saturday's match
Organisers are investigating why there have been empty seats at sold out events at the Grange Loan HQ of go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton.

Observers have been critical that while cheaper seats are full with spectators, those seats with the best views of the action have been empty.  A spokesman for the go ahead club told the world's media that they believe the empty seats are in accredited areas reserved for corporate sponsors and the media.  They they are in the process of finding out who should have been in the seats and why they weren't there.

The spokesman said, 'We will find out what happened quickly.  It may of course be due to the fact that Fantasy Bob was not competing in today's events.'

A frustrated spectator trying to peer over the wall at the world famous iconic ground to get a glimpse of the action said, 'It's very frustrating - I was told all events at Grange Loan were sold out and now all I see is row upon row of empty seats.   It's just as well Fantasy Bob wasn't playing otherwise things would have turned ugly.  But having something to moan about like this, it makes you proud to be British.'

2012 Chairman, Lord Coe had previously stated that he would name and shame those who had seats at Grange Loan but did not attend.  Among those not present at Grange Loan today were Her Majesty the Queen and Lord Coe.

In another embarrassment for the Carlton Organising Committee there were also complaints about lengthy queues to get into the ground. An angry fan said, 'Apparently they left the gate on the snib. We had to wait ages for a junior member to come and climb over the wall to let us in. We want out money back.'


  1. According to Reuters,The Queeen was recovering from her skydiving exploits and therefore could not attend on this occasion. Lord Coe was apparently involved in organising a minor youth event in England, which he could not get out of. Both sent their sincere apologies.

  2. FB is not convinced that these are valid reasons. He expects attendance at all future events if they are to avoid naming and shaming.