Sunday, 20 May 2012

FB's Batting Clinic

Fantasy Bob doesn't like to claim credit for things.  He is a backroom boy who operates far from the glare of the media spotlight.  His influence on the major events of history is therefore, for the most part, unacknowledged.

However on this occasion he feels it necessary to reveal his part in shaping great events, so dramatic has his impact been.

FB wittered yesterday about Andrew Strauss putting a run of bad scores behind him to score a century in the Lords Test against the West Indies.  What was he doing that was different?  Maybe he was moving his feet earlier?  Maybe he was standing in a more open position?  Maybe he was wearing his lucky rabbit's foot?   Maybe, but none of these things was the crucial difference.  FB sent the following text message to  Strauss on Thursday:
Hi Straussy - if you want a score today FB suggests you keep your eyes open while batting - FB's been working on this with Carlton coaches here - it's tricky and he's only got one eye open so far, but it could work for you.  Try it.
Did it work?  Judge for yourself - here is the evidence:

Before FB's advice - eyes closed - low score

After FB's advice - eyes open - big score

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